Waters opens food and water research centre in Singapore

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  • Published: Sep 14, 2018
  • Source: Waters Corporation
  • Suppliers: Waters Corporation
  • Channels: Laboratory Informatics / Sample Preparation / HPLC / Proteomics & Genomics / Gas Chromatography / Electrophoresis / Detectors / Ion Chromatography / Proteomics / Infrared Spectroscopy / UV/Vis Spectroscopy / X-ray Spectrometry / Raman / NMR Knowledge Base / MRI Spectroscopy / Atomic / Base Peak / Chemometrics & Informatics

Waters Corporation has opened the doors of the new International Food and Water Research Centre (IFWRC) in Singapore to address the growing challenges of food and water security and safety. Led by a Scientific Advisory Panel, the IFWRC will support scientists throughout the world working in areas such as food authenticity, food fraud discovery, water contamination research, food quality enhancement and new ingredient/formulation studies. The Scientific Advisory Panel will identify meaningful, innovative projects by working with academic and industrial leaders globally.

As world populations grow, it has become increasingly important to ensure food and water supplies are safe, healthy and plentiful. However, all over the globe, new challenges are arising – environmental contamination, food adulteration, access issues and more are putting people’s futures at risk. To find solutions, it’s critical to gather the leading food and water scientists together in collaborative environments.

“In past decades, Singapore has become a major hub for food and water research that has far-reaching impacts around the globe. The country has long had well-established academic laboratories where scientists have done significant work,” said Mike Harrington, senior vice president of global market at Waters. “Based on that, along with Waters’ storied history in Singapore, we are thrilled to open the IFWRC, a model for scientific collaboration between industry, government and academia that will ultimately drive significant advances in food and water quality.”

“As an innovation-led economy, Singapore values strong partnerships that accelerate the development of new, differentiating capabilities for our industries. The unique collaboration model of the International Food and Water Research Centre will build upon Singapore’s strong academic base, while bringing together regional and global researchers within the food and water domains, to co-create and implement innovative solutions with a global impact,” said Thien Kwee Eng, assistant managing director, Singapore Economic Development Board.

Researchers will gain access to IFWRC’s state-of-the-art facilities outfitted with the latest advanced analytical instrumentation from Waters. In addition, the laboratory will be staffed with scientists and researchers who will work closely with project owners throughout implementation.

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