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Removing the Tedium from Routine LC Workflows

In this series of four short webinars, Agilent InfinityLab LC Solutions are introduced that are designed to ease life in the analytical lab, making what used to be very manual and error-prone more automated and efficient.

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Available in five languages
Utilizing Smart Connected Technology To Drive Laboratory Efficiency

Think technology in gas chromatography hasn't developed? Learn how to utilize smart connected technology to drive your laboratory efficiency in Agilent’s latest webinar - available in English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish!

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Shimadzu Europa
Quality Control Analysis of Synthetic Peptides Using the MALDI-8020 Benchtop Linear MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometer and QC Reporter Software

thumbnail image: <font size=3>Shimadzu Europa</font><br />Quality Control Analysis of Synthetic Peptides Using the MALDI-8020 Benchtop Linear MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometer and QC Reporter Software

Within the manufacturing process of bio-therapeutics, quality control (QC) plays a fundamental role in guaranteeing the supply of a high quality product. Any changes in the product formulation or degradation can affect the therapeutic role, leading to a potential loss of activity or development of toxicity. Amongst the several analytical techniques that can be used to determine the quality of a synthetic bio-product, MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry is widely employed due to its rapid and simple operation, low...

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Bandstop filtering has been proposed as a pretreatment method in the quantitative analysis of glucose from both near-IR and mid-IR spectra, comparing with traditional bandpass filtering and implementing with principal component regression and partial least squares regression.

A range of fluorophores have been assessed for their usability to study receptor‐like kinase interactions by FRET‐based fluorescence lifetime imaging, which will help to select the optimal fluorophore pair for diverse FRET applications.

The blubber proteome of the elephant seal in response to stress induced by dosing with adrenocorticotropic hormone has been determined by scientists in the US, highlighting proteins that could be used as stress indicators from blubber biopsies.

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For over 20 years, each issue of the Journal of Mass Spectrometry has contained a Special Feature article. These are highly regarded in the mass spectrometry community and extremely popular with researchers around the globe. These features are freely available to the entire mass spec community.

Selected key technologies of the analytical science industry are discussed by Steve Down with reference to burgeoning application areas and the scope for future improvements.

Ion source pressure plays a significant role in the process of ionization and the subsequent ion transmission inside a mass spectrometer. Pressurizing the ion source to a gas pressure greater than atmospheric pressure is a relatively new approach that aims to further improve the performance of atmospheric pressure ionization sources. A brief review on the development of super-atmospheric pressure ion sources, including high-pressure electrospray, field desorption and superheated ESI, and the strategies to...

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Radiation and Health is a specialty section of Frontiers in Public Health.

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